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Child’s Play? – Model Military Collectibles.

Please bear with me here while I make an exception to my self-imposed ‘informative blog entries only’ rule to share one of my passions. I don’t plan for this to happen often, but it is related to military history, so come along for the ride for a moment while I write about … toy soldiers. Firstly, let me

“Colonial Guns,” “Where Anzacs Sleep,” and “An Unrewarded Hero” – My Bookshelf, Part III.

When searching for interesting reading matter, I often gravitate towards the specialist military history booksellers who frequently stock titles on niche subjects that you don’t find on the book shelves of major department stores or the ‘chain’ book shops. Following are three such publications that provide an alternative to the selective (and often tired) themes put forward by our

Letting off Steam – Venereal Disease in WW1.

I have wrestled for a short time about whether or not the following is an appropriate subject for this blog, and in the interests of providing a broad view of military history, I have decided, though not confidently, the answer is ‘Yes.’ So let’s talk about Venereal Disease, or ‘V.D.’ Relax, I don’t intend to go into the

A Time Limit for Remembrance?

You may have guessed from perusing the blog that I have a great deal of passion and respect for military history, so when I drive past the memorial (top only pictured) in one of my local towns, I feel embarrassed and – ashamed? – to see it in such a state of decay. Who is responsible for this