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Excerpt from “Long Tan and Beyond” by Lt. Col. C.S. Mollison.

In the following excerpt, Lt. Col. Charles Mollison – then a company commander in the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam – writes of the buildup prior to his company being sent to the Long Tan rubber plantation to relieve the pressure on the hard-pressed “D” Company under heavy attack from the enemy. Mollison and his men were

The Bui Warfe Memorial Museum, Kamiatum, Papua New Guinea.

Kamiatum is a collection of family-based hamlets or ‘camps’ located in the Burali Valley of Papua New Guinea. Just half a day’s walk from the seaside settlement of Salamaua in the south-east corner of the Huon Gulf, Kamiatum and surrounding areas have a rich military history from the period 1942-43. Sadly, very few know of this context, and

Follow-up to “The Armidale Raft.”

An early news article of the sinking of H.M.A.S. Armidale, just weeks after the event but short on detail, which was to be expected in wartime, stated that 27 of the survivors, thought to have been those in the whaling boat after it was patched up and made roughly seaworthy, “were on a raft for four days floating