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News – School in PNG to be named after Australian Soldier.

I’ve written briefly in a previous post about the Australian soldier Colonel George Warfe, M.C., D.S.O., who fought in a number of theatres in World War Two. Neither I, nor, I suspect would he, had he not passed away in 1975, make any claims that he was the bravest, most experienced, or most tactically superior of our many

Gassed in North Africa?

Most people with an elementary knowledge of military history in the 20th Century would be aware that poisonous gases were used on a large scale in the First World War. But how many know that the fear of them being used in the Second World War was taken very seriously, even though they were not deployed on the

Bathing and Laundering on the Western Front.

Can you nominate a support unit that was vital for achieving military success on the Western Front in World War One? You might suggest the medical services, or the engineers who built roads from the mud, or the transport drivers who brought up the vital ammunition and other stores, and in all of those responses, you would be