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Consigned to the Sea – Deaths Aboard Troopships.

We expect deaths in armed conflict, and even during the potentially dangerous periods of training prior to battle: we acknowledge those casualties accordingly as having ‘done their duty.’ Then there are the names on our honour rolls of the individuals who barely made it past the beginning of their journey to military service. Examining just one convoy, the

Comforts and Amenities.

Historically, luxuries in a military force on active service were, by circumstance and design, often few and far between, so it is not surprising that the efforts of home-based benevolent organisations such as the Australian Comforts Fund, the Salvation Army, and informal unit support groups were so well received, particularly in the large and widely spread Australian Army.

The Structure of Australian WW2 Field Artillery Regiments.

Ex-Bombardier Gordon Robins, formerly of the 2nd and 3rd Australian Field Regiments, gives a short explanation of the Australian Field Artillery Regiments during World War Two: “A regiment consists of three batteries. I was first in the 3rd Field Regiment [which was later disbanded] and there were the 7th, 8th and 9th Batteries. In the 2nd Field Regt.,