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Quality Versus Quantity – An Opinion Piece.

Though this blog is focused on military history, I also take a detached interest in the present state of our Australian Defence Force. By ‘detached,’ I mean that by possessing neither military experience nor the relevant academic qualifications, my interest is one of a passive observer. Having stated that, one particular issue has been on my mind for

Unexpected Dangers – Tragedy Strikes from the Air.

I came across an old letter from a relative recently, and when re-reading it discovered his mention of a man he had known in pre-war life who had been killed in an accident just one week before the end of the conflict in the Pacific. I find these tragedies rather poignant: Darrel Smith was born in Pingelly, Western

A Follow-up to “Indigenous Recognition – Papua and New Guinea, WW2.”

On the 8th of December, 2013 I posted an entry on the subject of the indigenous people of Papua and New Guinea and their assistance to the Allied efforts in their homeland against the Japanese invaders during the War in the Pacific. The intention was to counter, in a small way, the impression given in some quarters that