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Gallipoli – The Lead-up (Part 2).

(Continued): The next meeting of the War Council on the 23rd of January confirmed the tentative decision of the 13th. The naval attack on the Dardanelles, with the ultimate objective being the capture of Constantinople, would proceed, the only military assistance envisaged being small parties of Royal Marines to complete the demolition of forts damaged by the bombardment.

Gallipoli – The Lead-Up (Part 1).

As early as the 19th of December, 1906, the possibility of the Turkish Dardanelles being a target in the event of war was being treated with caution, particularly in regards to a purely naval expedition without the aid of substantial forces on the ground. On the eve of the Great War, the 3rd of August, 1914, Britain announced

Wandumi, New Guinea, the 29th of January, 1943 – An Introduction.

2345 hours [11:45pm] 29th January, 1943, Wau, New Guinea: “Sitrep from Kanga stated at 0930 in the Wandumi area enemy strength was estimated to be from 300 to 500 on our direct front and large numbers by-passing fwd positions.” A ‘sitrep’ was a Situation Report and ‘Kanga’ was the name of the local area military headquarters which had