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End of the Line – Australian Railway Operating Companies in the Great War.

Enormous quantities of materials and supplies were expended or consumed on the Western Front during the Great War, but how did that get to the men in the ‘front line’ and the support areas? An army without supplies neither pushes forward nor stands its ground: it is forced, reluctantly, to retreat. The greater scale of the war in

Remembered Strangers – A Personal Tribute.

Like many hundreds of thousands of other Australians, I have distant ancestors who served in the Great War. I have only found four of them so far, though no doubt there were at least several more, and two of those were killed in action on the Western Front. I know very little about these men – great, great

Burn with Sincerity: The Oba Artillery Raiding Party, August, 1943 – Part I.

August, 1943, New Guinea. The Australian and American offensive code-named ‘Doublet’ against the Japanese-occupied location of Salamaua had been progressing as planned since it began on the night of the second-last day of June. The Japanese had been thrown out of their positions around their most forward inland bastion of Mubo, were being threatened in the vital Komiatum