Commando Country.


Most readers have heard of the British commandos of the Second World War, but how many know of where and how they were trained and raised? In “Commando Country” Stuart Allen tells the story of the training centres in the Scottish highlands that moulded not only the British commandos, but also trained operatives from S.O.E. (the Special Operations Executive), and U.S. Rangers, amongst others.

While not a standard narrative history of any of these units, Allen also tells the stories of a number of former trainees (including several women such as Nancy Fiocca (better known as Nancy Wake), and Violette Szabo) and how they fared in action.

Anyone with an interest in Australia’s WW2 Independent Companies and Commando Squadrons will also find this an informative background read.

Softcover. 256 pages.

$32.00 plus $ 9.00 postage (within Australia only).

# Two copies available only #

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