Gallipoli – The Landing.


The Gallipoli legend that we know is not our own. Somehow, we have stolen the British experience of a dawn slaughter on a beach further south, under Turkish guns. The Australian landing on Z Beach, our allotted coast, was tactically brilliant. ANZAC
officers planned their own amphibious assault without the interference of British officers, who were content to row ashore in daylight against a prepared enemy.

Z Beach True Comics presents the facts. Issue No. 1 Gallipoli: The Landing is a non-fiction account of how ANZAC officers used all available intelligence to plan a surprise night assault using stealth. This graphic narrative follows the roles of espionage, spying, and the use of aerial reconnaissance, which provided ANZAC officers with the military intelligence to plan an effective assault despite a heavily defended coast.

Black & White illustrations, paper cover. Comic.

$9.95 + $4.50 postage.

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