Fall of Singapore.


Australia was unprepared in 1942. The country had sent its soldiers to fight in North Africa, leaving its shores unprotected. Australia’s then Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, was more concerned with the defence of Britain than he was for his own nation. The Royal Australian Navy and the Air Force were likewise committed to defending England’s green and pleasant land. There was not one single fighter aircraft to protect Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Darwin from the Japanese threat.

This factual graphic novel blends realpolitik with the battles to defend Malaya and Singapore from the advancing Imperial Japanese Army. The British naval base at Singapore was considered the lynchpin in defence of Australia. John Curtin replaced Menzies with only just enough time to send the poorly trained Australian 8th Division to the steamy jungles of Jahor.

This narrative is factually researched and presented in full colour. After reading and following the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Anderson VC, you will appreciate how much Australia owed to so few.

48 pages of full colour, with a cardboard cover and spine.

$13.95 + $4.50 postage.

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