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Australian Independent Company Commander – Brigadier T.F.B. MacAdie D.S.O., C.B.E. (2/7th Aust. Ind. Coy).

Of the eight Australian Independent Companies formed in the first half of the Second World War, only one, the 2/7th, is not represented by a formal, published unit history. This means that not only is there no substantial narrative – aside from occasional personal anecdotes available on internet sites such as that of the 2/6th Cavalry Commando Regiment

2/7th Australian Independent Company (Part II).

When we left Part I, the 2/7th Australian Independent Company was undergoing specialist training at the Guerilla Warfare School at Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria. With the war in Papua far to the north still very much in the balance, MacAdie’s company was destined to be committed to action as soon as it was considerable capable. Though their activities never

Unexpected Dangers – Tragedy Strikes from the Air.

I came across an old letter from a relative recently, and when re-reading it discovered his mention of a man he had known in pre-war life who had been killed in an accident just one week before the end of the conflict in the Pacific. I find these tragedies rather poignant: Darrel Smith was born in Pingelly, Western

2/7th Australian Independent Company (Part 1).

The 2/7th Australian Independent Company/Commando Squadron is the only one of Australia’s eight original World War Two Independent Companies not to have a company/squadron history, so I think it only fitting that I post snippets of information from their – admittedly sparse – official war diaries so the public may gain a rough impression of the unit. To