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Extract No.3 from “Commando White Diamond” by Don Astill – The Lighter Side of Army Life.

The 2/8th Australian Independent Company, under the command of Captain C.W. Bayly, set out from their training base at No. 1 Camp, Tidal River on Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, at the beginning of the fourth week of September, 1942. They reached Yandina on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland on the 25th, and once all together again – an

Australian Commandos on Bougainville – Extract No.2 from “Commando White Diamond” by Don Astill.

The 2/8th Australian Commando Squadron, under the command of the much respected Major Norm Winning, was the only such Australian unit to fight with the infantry on the island of Bougainville in the Second World War in the Pacific. Don Astill wrote a history of the squadron, and following is an extract. “At first light on 25 April

Extract from “Commando White Diamond” by Don Astil.*

Seventy years ago^ the 2nd Australian Corps began to assume responsibility for the northern Solomons island of Bougainville from the U.S. forces which had held a foothold there for twelve months. One of the combat elements of the 3rd Australian Division, the main component of 2 Corps, was the 2/8th Australian Commando Squadron commanded by the formidable Major