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Extract No.3 from “Commando White Diamond” by Don Astill – The Lighter Side of Army Life.

The 2/8th Australian Independent Company, under the command of Captain C.W. Bayly, set out from their training base at No. 1 Camp, Tidal River on Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, at the beginning of the fourth week of September, 1942. They reached Yandina on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland on the 25th, and once all together again – an

High Standards – The 2/8th Australian Independent Company in the Northern Territory.

In late February, 1943, the 2/8th Australian Independent Company, under the command of Major C.W. Bayly, was camped in the vicinity of Darwin, the Northern Territory, training and patrolling various areas including Casuarina Beach “both day and night.” Having completed their initial independent company training at the Guerilla Warfare School, Foster, Victoria in mid September, 1942, the 2/8th

Australian Commando Squadron Leader: Major Norm Winning M.B.E.

Sometimes people survive the experience of war only to perish in circumstances that appear divinely unjust or ‘unfair’. Such is the story of Major Norman Isaac Winning, M.B.E. Born on the 27th of May, 1906 in Oban, Scotland, Winning was a ‘planter,’ possibly in the then Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia) before enlisting in the A.I.F. one year