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George Warfe School, Kamiatum, Papua New Guinea – An Update.

Long ago, in March, 2014, I announced that the small community of Kamiatum, just inland from Salamaua in Papua New Guinea, had decided to name their new elementary school after a prominent WW2 and post-war Australian soldier and infantry commander, Colonel George Warfe, D.S.O., M.C., E.D. Due to a lack of local resources and the challenge of maintaining effective

News – School in PNG to be named after Australian Soldier.

I’ve written briefly in a previous post about the Australian soldier Colonel George Warfe, M.C., D.S.O., who fought in a number of theatres in World War Two. Neither I, nor, I suspect would he, had he not passed away in 1975, make any claims that he was the bravest, most experienced, or most tactically superior of our many

The Bui Warfe Memorial Museum, Kamiatum, Papua New Guinea.

Kamiatum is a collection of family-based hamlets or ‘camps’ located in the Burali Valley of Papua New Guinea. Just half a day’s walk from the seaside settlement of Salamaua in the south-east corner of the Huon Gulf, Kamiatum and surrounding areas have a rich military history from the period 1942-43. Sadly, very few know of this context, and