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Birth of the Australian WWII Independent Companies.

While there is no direct, unbroken lineage between today’s Australian special forces and the Australian independent companies, commando squadrons, and special units of World War Two in the Pacific, it is acknowledged that the former were the antecedents of our present Special Air Service and Commando Regiments. Despite it being common knowledge that the independent companies – the

Australian Independent Company Commander – Major Paul Kneen and the Heath’s Plantation Raid.

Thomas Paul Kneen was born on the 18th of June, 1914 to Edwyn Corlett and Cecil Maud Kneen in Douglas, the Isle of Man. Educated at Haileybury College in rural Hertfordshire (England), and then Oxford University, he took a position with the British Colonial Administration Service in the Solomon Islands where he was stationed on Guadalcanal. Kneen served