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The Oba Japanese Artillery Raiders – August, 1943, Salamaua, New Guinea, Part II.

Continued from Part I, posted 5 November 2015. 16 Platoon, “D” Company, 47th Australian Infantry Battalion …Some of the platoon were about to begin constructing a defensive position for the night by cutting fire lanes, others were detailed to protect them, and some left their weapons to wash in the creek. At roughly 1730 hours (5:30 p.m.) The

A Follow-up to “Indigenous Recognition – Papua and New Guinea, WW2.”

On the 8th of December, 2013 I posted an entry on the subject of the indigenous people of Papua and New Guinea and their assistance to the Allied efforts in their homeland against the Japanese invaders during the War in the Pacific. The intention was to counter, in a small way, the impression given in some quarters that

The U.S. 162nd Infantry R.C.T. at Nassau Bay – The Wau-Salamaua Campaign Part I.

In the first minutes of the 30th of June, 1943, seventy years ago today, men from the 1st Battalion of the United States’ 162nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team stumbled ashore through heavy surf at a place called Nassau Bay in the then Australian Mandated Territory of New Guinea. Guided in to their objective by a platoon from the