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Birth of the Australian WWII Independent Companies.

While there is no direct, unbroken lineage between today’s Australian special forces and the Australian independent companies, commando squadrons, and special units of World War Two in the Pacific, it is acknowledged that the former were the antecedents of our present Special Air Service and Commando Regiments. Despite it being common knowledge that the independent companies – the

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Commando Memorial Cairn at Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria.

Fifty years ago yesterday, on the 15th of November, 1964, a commemorative cairn was dedicated at Tidal River, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, in honour of the men of the WW2 Australian independent companies who initially trained there. Today, at the same location, an event took place that acknowledged the significance of those fifty years, and continued the tradition of

2/7th Australian Independent Company (Part 1).

The 2/7th Australian Independent Company/Commando Squadron is the only one of Australia’s eight original World War Two Independent Companies not to have a company/squadron history, so I think it only fitting that I post snippets of information from their – admittedly sparse – official war diaries so the public may gain a rough impression of the unit. To

More Photos!

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